Family History

My family history is pretty darn interesting in my opinion.  I have understood over the years that I am related to the Bybees through my mother Jeannine to the Bybee-Howell house on Sauvies Island and also back to some Duke of England.  Through my father I am related to Native Americans and somehow to Jesse James.

This area of my site is to try and line all of this up.  A few years ago I came across a site on the internet which had some valuable information that made sense.  Unfortunately that site has vanished and I will be trying to rebuild what it had as I can.  I made the mistake once of it being there so now I must do it myself.

Look at the Family Tree to see graphical picture of the family. I must also give credit to the WP Family Tree plugin for WordPress.

This site is by no means a solid or true record at this time, I hope it becomes that soon.  There are a number of random notes pasted onto the posts for specific people and as I build the pile of information, I believe that pieces of it are simply incorrect and contradictory.

This is where I will begin to blog on my family history.

I can layout this much at this time though:
James Bybee(Bybee house on sauvies island?) -> Charles Bybee -> Lewis Bybee -> Jeannine Phipps -> Tony Phipps


My mother mentioned that Leah would be very informative along with the Nibley’s and Mildred Frost and Addie.


Some useful sites I have found are the following: this I looked at a couple years ago I think, but sadly it has vanished and could have provided some great information :(